Originally a small fishing village at the mouth of the Amstel River, Amsterdam, was dammed off to prevent flooding and since the 17th century has been a major port.


Our inspiration for our new collection 'Amsterdam', draws from the elegant canal houses, often painted black, that lend Amsterdam its unique architectural character.


Showcasing an urban palette of black and white, our Amsterdam pillows and throws feature gold foil stamping with intricate handworked bead embellishments on premium fabrics.

Venice of the north

An elaborate network of canals, heritage canal houses, museums, and a liberal, artistic culture make Amsterdam the 'Venice of the North'.

Iconic Imagery

Bedding with stripes, pillows embellished with intricate beadwork and luxurious fabrics splotched with expressionist patterns all find a place in this celebration of one of the world's greatest cities.

Amsterdam's recognisable visual landscape with renaissance, gothic and expressionist styles led us to imaginatively fuse different elements in our B&W themed eponymous line.